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Don’t Believe Every Survey You Hear! 80 Percent of Americans THINK They Believe This


Oklahoma State University Department of Agricultural Economics found in a survey that over 80 percent of Americans support mandatory labels on foods containing DNA.

But DNA, the genetic makeup of all living things, is found in almost all food, and in all Americans.

A warning could look something like this:

WARNING: This product contains deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). The Surgeon General has determined that DNA is linked to a variety of diseases in both animals and humans. In some configurations, it is a risk factor for cancer and heart disease. Pregnant women are at very high risk of passing on DNA to their children.

The survey was inspired by the recent buzz about a similar percentage of Americans favoring mandatory labeling of GMO foods, which are produced with genetic engineering.

These results serve as a warning to be skeptical of survey responses. Not everyone is a science expert!

Are Americans too eager to ban and label anything that sounds dangerous?