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Don’t Let The Federal Government Make Your Menu!

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Remember the food pyramid? It was already several recommendations ago that the federal government suggested Americans load up on carbs, avoid full-fat dairy, egg yolks and more. Every few years, the recommendations change and those at the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) do an about-face on a food that was once deemed dangerous and unhealthy, later determining that maybe it wasn’t so bad after all.

Most conservatives don’t listen to or care what the FDA says about what they should be eating, but unfortunately, these recommendations set menus for students at public schools across the country. They are taught to children in health class while they learn about good nutrition. These guidelines are revised so frequently it’s laughable.

Unsurprisingly, they’ve done it again. CNN reports:

Past guidelines suggest a 300-milligram daily limit of dietary cholesterol. That means a two-egg breakfast, rather than three.

Now, the government has removed the limit on cholesterol. It did add that “individuals should eat as little dietary cholesterol as possible” because “foods that are higher in dietary cholesterol, such as fatty meats and high-fat dairy products, are also higher in saturated fats.” But what that means is eggs are back for most diets. Egg yolks are high in cholesterol, but not high in saturated fat. They make the list of suggested sources of protein.

These are the geniuses who are fighting to not only control your diet, but also your healthcare. If you needed proof of the federal government’s total lack of competence while trying to control your life, look no further than the back of your kid’s cereal boxes.

What do you think of the federal government’s latest food guidelines? Let us know in the comments section below!