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Don’t Let Obama Tell You the Job Market is OK – Here Are the Real Numbers

not working

According to a new poll from the Pew Research Center, nearly four in 10 Americans are not in the labor force, and we have a reason why: they don’t want to be.

That’s right, 93 percent of adults who are not in the labor force, 85.9 million people, simply do not want a job or have given up looking for work.

The report analyzes which demographics seem to be not working:

“People 55 and over do, as you might expect, account for more than half of the 85.9 million adults (as of October) who say they don’t want a job — about the same percentage as in 2000. But the 16-to-24 share has edged higher, while the 25-to-54 share has slipped. That could reflect more young adults staying in or returning to school rather than chancing a tough job market.

Women are more likely than men to say they don’t want a job, although the gap has been narrowing — especially since the Great Recession. Last month, 28.5% of men said they didn’t want a job, up from 23.9% in October 2000 and 25.2% in October 2008. For women, the share saying they didn’t want a job hovered around 38% throughout the 2000s but began creeping up in 2010, reaching 40.2% last month.”

In Obama’s America, it seems to be easier to take welfare benefits or keep going to school rather than getting a job and contributing to the economy.

Are we going to be able to dig ourselves out of this hole?

H/T: Washington Examiner