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Don’t Mess With Old Glory in Texas

American flag mural

Have you noticed the extremely disturbing “American Flags Not Welcome” trend making its way around America over the past few years?

It seems like every week, some local government, school board, or housing association bans the presence of American flags. Look up “American flag banned” online and you get more than 4.5 million hits.

Thankfully, U.S. military veterans in El Paso, Texas chalked one up for the good guys!

Our friends at Fox News spoke to one veteran who fought a housing association that wanted to cover up an American flag mural on a local elementary school—because it didn’t match the color scheme!

The veteran, JT Taylor, and his group are victorious!

For once, the American flag can stay. Hopefully, patriotic Americans will continue racking up awesome victories like this.

Have you had to deal with a government or association that tried to ban you from flying Old Glory? Tell us your story in the comments!


Comments on “Don’t Mess With Old Glory in Texas”

  1. Sharon says:

    I had a small flag inside the window of the apartment, I was told it ‘violated my lease’ and it HAD to be removed. I did take it down, for a week, then put it back up and have refused to take it down since. This is AMERICA! if we want to fly OUR flag we will. If you feel “threatened” by it, then perhaps you should not be here.