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DOT Traffic Sign Encourages Motorists To Vote For Trump


Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump received support from an unlikely source over the weekend – the California DOT. Well, one of their traffic signs anyway.

An electronic traffic board was apparently hacked on Saturday, and the new message encouraged passing motorists to “Vote Donald Trump.”

Via the Washington Examiner:

Rather than encouraging motorists to avoid drinking and driving, a traffic sign in Southern California was recently hacked to display an unusual message: “Vote Donald Trump.”

A husband and wife first noticed the pro-Trump digital advisory, positioned just off the side of Interstate 15 in Corona, Calif., on their way home from the movies on Christmas day, a local news station reported Monday.

The full text of the traffic sign reads: “Inland Empire supports Donald Trump. Merry Xmas. Vote Donald Trump.”

A couple saw the sign and backtracked to record it before the message disappeared.  Check out the local news report below …

So far, Califronia DOT officials have declined to say whether or not the hacked message was from within the department, though it was removed the following day.

Should it turn out to be a Republican-supporting employee, the hacker will likely be hearing these words quite soon:

Comment: If you could control one of those DOT message boards, what would your message to passing motorists be? Tell us below.

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FB – Merry Christmas – Vote Donald Trump!


Comments on “DOT Traffic Sign Encourages Motorists To Vote For Trump”

  1. Ellie says:

    I agree with the sign. Vote Trump. He is the only candidate not owned by the elite leftist open boarders supporting billionaires. More cheap labor driving down American wages!!