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Dr. Ben Carson Takes on the Media Over THIS!


On Friday evening, Dr. Ben Carson held a contentious Press Conference with reporters to address his West Point Scholarship Controversy and questions surrounding other things in his biography – particularly from his youth. Carson did not back down one iota. He blistered the media, even telling reporters he thinks the questions they are raising are “going to help me,” because people are fed up with the media.

Carson maintained he did receive a Scholarship offer – or what he said he regarded as an offer – when he met with Gen. William Westmoreland in Detroit at an event in 1969. But Carson, when asked, could not remember who made that offer.

Carson went after the media asking why they are so interested in him but have never investigated Barack Obama and why he refuses to this day to unseal his college records.


When the Politico story on Carson initially broke – and was reported by numerous other outlets that the Carson Campaign had admitted they fabricated the West Point Scholarship – I thought the Carson Campaign would be dead in the water. But, as Politico has changed its story and the headline, Carson was able to push back effectively and make the media the story.

Assuming no other issues arise with Carson’s biography – if there are no other shoes to drop – I think Carson will weather this and may even turn it to his advantage.

Check out this media interview:

Do you think Carson will be hurt by the Politico piece or will he turn out on the better end? Share your comments below and let us know what you are thinking.



  1. Charlotte says:

    People understand what the media is doing. The Media are so stupid to play theses games. The American people has woke up to the media games. The more they go after Carson and Trump the more people like them. Their rate go up. Look at Obama and Hillary all the thing that they have done wrong and the lies they have told.Why aren’t the media going after them.We the American people are fed up with the old politicians .. We as American people wan the truth.. The lies aren’t working any more..If you want to stay in politic tell the truth or get out

  2. Mack says:

    The media has made most of s successfully hate the new Nazi party called,DEMOCRATS
    In America, the gun grabbers got to flipping go or we will have to kill them, I’d rather just elect A,erican said into political office rather than sell out rich kids seeking the high life at the country cub for life! This ain’t about what they get to enjoy, they got to do their God damn job right and patriotically! To hell with these musliminsurgents n our White House, and screw every democrat that sucks u to him or Hillary freaking Clinto Arkansas SCOURGE of mankind!