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Dr. Ben Carson’s Plan for Border Control Will Send Illegals Running!

Dr. Ben Carson has a plan to control illegal immigrants crossing our border, and it will send those breaking American immigration laws scurrying in a hurry.

Carson told CNN that he would consider drones to bomb border tunnels and caves.

Via ABC 13:

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson says he’d be willing to use drone strikes to help protect the United States’ southern border.

Carson tells CNN that he wouldn’t order direct strikes to kill undocumented immigrants, but he would order strikes on caves and underground tunnels used to smuggle people across the border.

“There are caves that they utilize. Those caves can be eliminated. There are a number of possibilities — that could be one of them,” Carson told CNN. “I’m not talking about killing people. No people with drones.”

If elected president, Carson says he’d also consider using military strategists and the National Guard to secure the border.

Of course, that didn’t stop CNN from trying to portray Carson’s comments as if he were seeking to shoot down illegals trying to cross the border.

Carson interviewed with a CNN reporter, culminating in Carson having to tell the reporter that what he said was “a total lie.”

He even said at the time that he made the initial statements on using drones, that the media would immediately turn around and claim he wanted to bomb people. That prediction was certainly accurate.

Carson repeated his position several times during the interview, and gave clarification once more, telling the reporter to “read my lips” and spoke very slowly so that there could be no misunderstanding.

Check out the exchange below…

Comment: What do you think of Dr. Carson’s plan to use drones in securing our borders? Good idea or bad?

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