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Dr. Keith Ablow: Obama Can’t Say He’s with America, Against ISIS

against isis

Fox News contributor and board-certified psychiatrist Dr. Keith Ablow believes that President Obama views the United States of America as a bigger threat to his belief system than Islamic State terrorists.

Ablow explained that America stands in opposition to Obama’s ideals, because spreading our ideas of autonomy around the world “has been a great plague.”

The President, he believes, looks at ISIS as a group that has been “put upon” and simply needs jobs and a good economy to like us again.

Ablow added, “He’s really not up for the idea of saying, ‘I’m with these guys (America) against them (ISIS).”

Partial transcript:

TANTARO: “Dr. Ablow, is that — OK. Some people have said that the president is delusional, that he doesn’t understand the threat. But for your analysis to be correct he understands the threat, but something is preventing him from identifying it.”

ABLOW: “Yes.”

TANTARO: “And is it his childhood? And again, I go back to that Cairo speech where — if he just doesn’t acknowledge the threat and takes his mind back to where he was as a child when he remembers the peaceful Islam, the threat won’t exist if he doesn’t acknowledge it?”

ABLOW: “It’s that he’s balancing threats, and to the president of the United States I believe that the United States of America is the bigger threat. That he sees that our focus on autonomy, our desire to spread our ideas around the world has been a great plague and he’s really not up for the idea of saying, ‘I’m with these guys against them,’ because he sees them [ISIS] as people who have been put upon. That’s where this whole notion comes from, ‘Build their economies, get them jobs and then they’ll like us again.’ No, no, no. They won’t like us again. They are fundamentally in a fundamentalist way opposed to our very existence.”

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Does President Obama view America as a bigger threat to his ideology than terrorists? And should the leader of our nation ever – ever – think in such a manner?



  1. Cathy says:

    WHY was he (Obama) elected? Why would we elect someone who as our leader, isn’t for us..doesn’t have our ideology or best interest at heart?

  2. Toodumtu says:

    Marie Harf, is that a derivative of Mary Barf??