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Driver Gets Pulled Over for the Bumper Sticker on His Truck… When You See it You’ll Want Your Own!

Most times when you are pulled over by the police, it’s because they caught you doing something against the law and need to deliver the bad news.

That wasn’t the case for this guy who was pulled over by an officer so he could — snap a picture, and it couldn’t have been of something better.

Judging by the license plate on the truck in the picture, the incident took place in West Virginia and appears to show a Highway Patrol officer standing behind the vehicle snapping a picture. A picture of what, you ask?

Well, an anti-Obama sticker, that said “Does This Ass Make My Truck Look Big?” Yes, it does and who doesn’t like that?


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 H/T: Liberty First News




  1. Ravel says:

    LOL!!!!!! Made me wish I had a truck!

  2. Bill-B says:

    I’m not surprised that there is so much discord for Obama. Never has a person run on a platform so deceiving as Obama. So many people were hoping for change, for the better and got the opposite. He ran as a Black, Christian married man. We got a Middle Eastern, Muslim, that know one knows for sure what his sexual preferences are. He personally is responsible for more racial tension, more gender devertion, more poverty, more unemployment, more government Divition than any person before him. He will go down in history as the most despised, mistrusted deplorable person to have held the office

  3. Bobbye says:

    This is to mrellan did you skip history and geography is school because you said this was in Virginia unfortunately West Virginia has been a state since 1863. I personally know this driver’s family yes he is a “redneck” , he works to support his family, is always there with a helping hand for family and friends, a great role model for his children. You may have tried to insult both the owner and officer with the “redneck” comment here in WV that is not considered an insult but a compliment. I know you may not understand the true definition of the word that’s alright you see in my state you can express your opinion all you want we will just look at you and smile and say “Bless your heart” all the while knowing that you are making an ass of yourself.

  4. Geoff says:

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!! If I had a pickup truck, I would put that in MY back window, as well and DARE one of you liberal, democrat but-holes to do anything about it!!
    Obama, YOUR Presidunce, has put this country in a deep, dark hole that is going to be very hard for all of us to rise out of in the future. He’s anti-police, anti-military, anti-AMERICAN! He is NOT Christian and when he dies, God will see to it that he is punished for perpetrating that lie!
    He has spent more taxpayer money that every previous President combined, reduced our military to conquerable levels, tried to turn us against Israel which is an abomination against God, worked out a deal with Terrorist Iran so that they can build Nuclear bombs AND gave them over 170 million dollars of YOUR tax money?? IS HE MENTALLY RETARDED?? And, of all of the scandals he has been involved in, to not discourage the recent BLM movement and the murders of police officers is outright DESPICABLE. He IS the devil!!

  5. Bryan says:

    I don’t like Obama, never voted for him and will be glad when he is out of office. He has done more to destroy this country than any other president in the history of this nation. Having said that I think that an officer pulling over a driver is an abuse of power and authority. What if this person was already late for work or just needed to get anywhere. Not really any ones business where he was going, the point is that he was not in violation of the law, and for a cop to pull over someone just because they liked a bumper sticker or anything else a cop may like about a truck or a car just so they can take a picture is wrong and abuse of authority.

  6. Diane says:

    It’s the truth. Where can I get mine. Obama is a money eating cancer. Takes from the people that work hard and gives to the lazy.

  7. Mrellan says:

    NO! I do not think this is funny, but considering that the picture was taken by what appears to be a red-neck conservative cop of a pick up truck that I assume belongs to another red-neck conservative yahoo I am not at all surprised. I wonder what the cops superior officer thought of him doing this at the state’s expense and in his uniform. I would think it at least deserves a written reprimand in his record. Is this what cops are paid to do in the State of Virginia?

    1. Farmer says:

      Mrellans – Your comment indicates that you have a liberal mind in regards to life asnd politics yet a closed mind about anything you do not agree with. Such dishonesty.

    2. K Michel says:

      Mrellan such a typical hateful, racist, bigoted comment…but hey, I’d expect nothing less from a closed-minded leftist lemming. How do you know the officer wasn’t on a break? Officers often try to interact with the public on positive notes too. Guess if you ever need help…call someone else other than the police! How ignorant can you flipping be!! Shame on YOU!

  8. Todd says:

    That’s not a bumper sticker

  9. Al says:

    (Y) <3 🙂



    1. K Michel says:

      I am so sick of leftist who never stop ASSUMING. Hateful! That’s all you are being. Of course, if the sticker on the truck was someone YOU didn’t like, you’d be ALL FOR IT!! Stinking leftist HYPOCRITES!!!

  10. Denise says:

    Well considering Obama has made an ass out if all the American people I see nothing wrong with it… And for those fussing at the cop for taking the pic…saying he was on taxpayers time…. Have you considered the fact he was on his own time meaning … You know his ” lunch break”… So no… He did nothing wrong and is entitled to his opinion and whatever he wants to do on his own breaks….I would have taken a pic too…

  11. Jeff says:

    Given enough time, that ass will make you down-size your truck, then eliminate it completely.

  12. Brian says:

    On a Gubermint Motors vehicle too boot! Double Whammy! Ha!

  13. Don says:

    where do i get one?