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When She Dropped Her Phone In the Ocean She Never Expected How She’d Get It Back!


Move over Lassie, because it looks like Man has found a new best friend.

Poor Teressa Cee was on vacation in the Bahamas when she did what most of us would do when confronted by a beautiful scene: she reached for her phone to take a picture.

Alas, the floating viewing platform she stood on was not stable, and a moment later, her cell was floating to the bottom of the Atlantic, where Teressa thought it would remain.

But a certain dolphin had other ideas. The┬ámammal┬ádived to the bottom and retrieved the phone, even placing it in the hands of Teressa’s amazed husband.

No word yet on if the phone still works after being dunked in sea water, but even so, the dolphin is still pretty neat. Take a look yourself:

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H/T: London Metro