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Duck Dynasty Star Joins Forces With Palin and Trump to Fight Obama’s Iran Deal


Duck Dynasty legend Phil Robertson will join fellow patriots Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump, when he travels to Washington today to join in a protest of President Obama’s radical nuclear deal with Iran.

The all-star conservative team will be joining radio hosts Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and a host of other notables at the Capitol, making it clear to Barack Obama that this deal with Iran is dangerous and does nothing for American interests.

Robertson is expected to “amplify” that message and explain “why Congress needs to put America and America’s security first.”

via Tea Party:

Duck Dynasty star Phil Robertson will join a Tea Party Patriots rally alongside former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, billionaire and 2016 GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, 2016 GOP presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and others against the Iran nuclear deal on Wednesday outside the U.S. Capitol.

“Phil Robertson will join Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, and other conservative leaders to stand with America and Israel,” Robertson’s team told Breitbart News. “Let us never partner with evil by funding the destruction of our allies!”

Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin added that she’s thrilled Robertson is on board with the rally.

“We are excited to have Phil Robertson join us at the rally to stop the Iran Deal,” Martin said in an email. “He will help amplify the message about how dangerous this deal is for America and why Congress needs to put America and America’s security first.”

The White House has predictably responded by calling the event a “pro-war” rally; being that the administration is so short-sighted and unimaginative that they can only foresee two possible solutions to the Iran nuclear problem.

Vice-president Dick Cheney has explained that Obama’s deal will actually accelerate the path to war with Iran, not prevent it.

“The president has tried to sell this bad deal by claiming that there is no alternative, save war,” he explained.

“In fact, this agreement makes war more, not less, likely.”

The President has all but sealed this terrible deal for America, but is it still important for conservatives to stand up and voice their opposition! Share this on Facebook to show your opposition to the Iran deal.