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Duck Dynasty’s Kay Robertson Hit Rock Bottom – But She Made a Choice That Changed It All


This is Part One in a series about Kay Robertson’s journey to Christ.

Duck Dynasty matriarch, Kay Robertson, didn’t always have fame and fortune. As she details in the first part of her I Am Second video, Miss Kay tells the story of her marriage, its struggles and finding her faith.

A teen mom, Kay faced the challenges of being poor and having a husband who drank heavily and ran around on her. She went to see a pastor for some guidance. Miss Kay said it was the greatest thing that ever happened to her. But, she still had her challenges as her husband continued on a destructive path.

The first part of Miss Kay’s testimony ends with her baptism and conversion, but Phil is still being “controlled by the devil.”

Have you or anyone you loved had a challenging spiritual journey? Please comment below.

H/T: I Am Second