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Duncan Hunter: King of Jordan Isn’t Obama, He’ll Actually Do Something about ISIS

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA) last night spoke with Fox’s Great Van Susteren about the Jordanian/ISIS situation.

Hunter explained that after the graphic footage of a pilot being burned alive in a cage was released by ISIS, the King of Jordan would respond.

In fact, Hunter explained he would respond in a way that you’d never see from President Obama.

“King Abdullah is not President Obama,” he explained. “There will be retribution.”

Take a look…

Hunter was right. Within hours, Jordan had announced that they had executed two ISIS prisoners in direct response to their pilot’s execution.

He did, however, explain that ISIS can expect a more protracted response from Jordan as well.

ISIS is now going to regret this more than anything else. Because King Abdullah is not President Obama. They’re gonna increase air sorties, increase people on the ground, and hopefully they will lead from the front and they will crush ISIS, that is what has happened here and that is what the King said they were going to do.

How do you feel about America fading into the background when it comes to dealing with evil across the world? Is President Obama’s hands-off approach the right one, or would you expect him to act more like the King of Jordan, crushing the opposition and responding with force?