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Dying Veteran Had One Last Wish Granted – Prepare To Cry

A dying veteran wanted to do one last thing on this Earth. He wanted to fish. Quite a difficult task considering he was literally on his death bed and unable to move. His social worker made it happen, but warned him that he probably wasn’t going to catch any fish.
But Connie Willhite was undeterred. He faced his death like he served his country. With bravery and poise.

Then this happened:


Via BroBible

It turns out that Connie caught four bream on his final fishing trip.

“All of a sudden, the cancer and everything else went away,” Senters said. “What you see is that precious few moments of someone really enjoying life.”

Thank you for your service, Connie. I hope you have found peace in the next life.

Another dying veteran’s wish might be a bit more difficult, but is vitally important.

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