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The Kid Who Murdered 9 Black Churchgoers Just Found Out What Prison’s Like!

dylann roof

Some say SC murderer Dylann Roof was assaulted in jail; I say it wasn’t assault, but rather a courtship ritual. He wanted a race war, and he got one. A little different when it’s not a church, and you don’t have a gun!

Welcome to prison, you should have watched Lockup before you decided not to shoot yourself after mass murdering innocent people. I don’t feel sorry about this at all. If acted like a human being himself no one would’ve treated him like the messed up animal he is. Being in prison for what he was done may not be justice enough, but I do believe the feeling he felt the moment he was attacked is.

From NY Post:

Dylann Roof, the white man charged in the massacre of nine parishioners at a Charleston church, was assaulted Thursday by a black inmate at the South Carolina jail where he is being held, a law official said.

Charleston County Sheriff’s Maj. Eric Watson told the Associated Press that it happened outside Roof’s cell Thursday morning.

Watson said the other inmate used his hands and no other weapons, and that the 22-year-old Roof was examined by jail medical personnel and then returned to his cell. The other inmate will be charged with assault. Charleston County Sheriff Al Cannon was to hold an early afternoon news conference to discuss the assault.

Roof has been housed at the Charleston County Detention Center since being brought back from North Carolina a day after June 17, 2015, slayings of nine black parishioners during a Bible study at Emanuel AME Church. Prosecutors have said Roof was trying to make his way to Nashville, Tennessee, after the shootings.

Roof faces the death penalty in upcoming trials in both federal and state courts.

The victims weren’t able to walk away from their assault, his punishment has only just begun. No sympathy for this murderer.

Let me also address the mainstream media, stop calling him the “accused” Charleston church shooter. He IS the Charleston church shooter, no if’s, and’s or but’s.

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