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Eagle Comes in Contact With a Drone Mid-Flight… His Reaction Isn’t the Friendliest!


With the military, private photographers, filmmakers, and even sales giant Amazon all using them, our skies are beginning to fill up with drones.

And not everyone is happy about that.

No, I’m not talking about Rand Paul, but rather birds-of-prey, who don’t like drones encroaching on their “turf.’

Take, for example, this wedge-tailed eagle in Australia, who greeted the approach of videographer Adam Lancaster’s drone by reaching out with its razor-sharp claws:

Yes, the eagle punched the drone out of the sky.

Despite the dramatic footage, there is good news all round. The eagle was not hurt, the drone needed just $31 worth of repairs to fly again, and Lancaster learned a valuable lesson:

Don’t mess with the eagle.

Let us know what you think of this footage below:

H/T: New York Daily News