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Ebola Nurse Hickox Milks Her 15 Minutes of Fame, Defying Quarantine

One would think it next to impossible for the country to grow to dislike a woman this much who volunteered her time and risked her life to go to Africa to help care for Ebola patients. That was before Kaci Hickcox came home to the United States into Newark airport last week. Now that Hickox has been released from mandatory quarantine to her home state of Maine, she’s fighting the quarantine there as well. Her latest gimmick? NBC News reports on the nurse’s latest attempt to extend her 15-minutes of fame:

Kaci Hickox took her campaign against an Ebola quarantine out for a spin on Thursday.

The Maine nurse, openly defying an order to stay home after she treated patients in West Africa, sped off on a bike ride on a sunny morning with her boyfriend, Ted Wilbur. She returned after about an hour.

“I hope that we can continue negotiations and work this out amicably,” Hickox told reporters. “There is no legal action against me, so I’m free to go on a bike ride in my hometown.”

Authorities in Maine are pursuing a court order to enforce the quarantine through Nov. 10. Hickox says she is completely healthy and free of symptoms, and that the quarantine is unnecessary and unconstitutional.

Here’s what I wonder: Why are the fiancees of these potential Ebola patients (the fiancee of NYC Ebola Doctor Craig Spencer was in quarantine after exposure to Spencer put her at risk for contracting the virus) spending up close and personal time with their significant others right now? And why are their significant others taking the risk, even if it’s a remote one, of infecting their loved ones?

What would you do if your significant other was exposed to Ebola? Would you spend time together?