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When A School Chancellor Needs This Our Country Is In Trouble!


It has come to this? Are you serious? I say expel the dissidents and send them home. If they aren’t they’re to study then they shouldn’t be there. I am talking about a story I read on FOX News which deals with college students building an escape hatch for the Chancellor to escape out-of-control protesters if things got out of hand.

Who’s in charge of these institutions? What does that say to parents who might want to send their children to that school? it’s unbelievable these liberals have fourth so hard to put themselves in a power position and the leadership has cowered in the corner.

From Fox News:

The University of California, Berkeley built an emergency exit near Chancellor Nicholas Dirks’ office as a security measure against potential student protesters.

The $9,000 escape hatch is intended to “provide egress” if protesters storm the administration building, campus newspaper The Daily Californian reported.

The emergency exit – which was built in secret last month – was ordered in response to an April 2015 protest during which students stormed the chancellor’s suite and staged a sit-in outside his office.

Students who spoke to the paper did not appear to be happy with the escape hatch.

“There has to be other ways to handle student concerns and protests than simply building ways to avoid them,” student government association Senator-elect Chris Yamas said. “The chancellor seems elitist and out of touch and inaccessible to the students.”

A Daily Californian staff editorial also roundly criticized the door, which was installed just months after the university constructed a nearly $700,000 fence around the chancellor’s campus residence amid security concerns.

This is what happens where you let the students take over. For years they have been giving the students more and more power by catering to their emotional blackmail and this so-called political correctness.

Like I’ve said before, be very cautious if hiring a recent college grad. Today’s grads have successfully proven themselves to be violent, unable to work with others, needy, greedy and childish.

What do you think of this decision by this institution to allow the students to have this much power? Share your voice in the comment section below.

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