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Analyst Breaks Down Immigration for the Liberals Using Gumballs!

America is a country with hundreds of millions of citizens, tens of millions of legal immigrants from a world of seven billion people, and tens of millions of illegal immigrants.

When we discuss numbers in the millions and billions, it’s often hard for the human brain to comprehend the true size of such figures. For that reason, Roy Beck has found a way to simplify the figures when discussing immigration: by using gumballs.

In his presentation, one gumball represents one million people. He tackles the common argument that allowing in immigrants (legal and illegal) is a moral duty, because we’re such a rich country, and they often come from impoverished countries.

But does that really help? Watch his incredible explanation below:

The only problem I could find with his argument is one statistic that was out of date. The number of citizens living on under $2 a day is a little over 700 million people (or 10.7 percent of the planet). That’s down from 35 percent in 1990, so it’s a secular trend downward.

Still, that one correction is irrelevant to his argument overall, which is that the best way to help the poor is to help them in their own countries.

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