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Eighty Football Families Traveled From Around The Country For This College Football Bowl. But This Happened Instead



The USA College Football Bowl was abruptly canceled Monday leaving players and fans confused and upset with bowl organizers.

Close to 80 college players along with their families had traveled to participate this week in the bowl game and as you will see, many were not happy with the outcome.

From KFVS:

“A lot of top end athletes were out here to get themselves in front of a lot of big time scouts and agents that he told us were going to be here. We all get here and it was just like another pick-up game pretty much, there were players that quit the first day,” said Xavier Marsden, Montana Tech University.

When fans and players arrived Monday for the actual game, the USA College Football Bowl told them they didn’t have enough players, coaches or jerseys to play a game.

“You could tell there was a lot of dysfunction and disorganization. People not knowing what’s going on and kids not having any direction about what was happening. Just a big disappointment. I feel sorry for all the kids out here, they worked hard to be here graduating from college. Very ashamed of this organization and what they have done and how they handled this here,” said Paul Marsden, parent of player that traveled from California.

There is video of USA College Bowl President Dennis Wilson leaving TA Wright Stadium. We asked him for an official statement on what happened this afternoon but he did not wish to speak with any of the media.

“Disappointed that I took time out of my life to come out here and be handed what I was handed, a t-shirt and a jersey. Since me and my brothers touched down it just wasn’t vibing right. So to get here and see that it finally came to a head at the game is just a tragedy,” said Michael Jolivet, Grambling State.

Check out the video report:


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