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El Chapo Didn’t Go Quietly! Mexican Marines Release This Shocking Footage!


Newly released helmet cam footage shows the high-intensity gun battle between Mexican marines and bodyguards for notorious drug kingpin “El Chapo” in a raid code-named Black Swan.

Early in the video we see grenades fly as the marines break through fierce resistance by the well-armed cartel bodyguards. One marine was wounded in the attack, while at least five bodyguards were killed and another six were arrested.

The footage was compiled and released to the media by the Mexican Navy.

From the Mirror:

At the end of the 15-minute-long footage the man in charge of the bloody operation can be heard telling base over a radio: “We have one man dead and two women and two men alive.

“We are continuing to check the property.”

The astonishing scenes were filmed on Friday morning during a three-hour operation which began at 4am local time and ended with Guzman’s capture and return to prison following his jail escape in July. El Chapo doesn’t appear in the astonishing footage.

The 58-year-old, who is being held at Altiplano Pirson in central Mexico, is now expected to be extradited to the States to face multiple drugs charges.

Mexican authorities have said they want to speak to Hollywood actor Sean Penn after it emerged he met the fugitive at a secret location in the Mexican jungle to discuss his life as a crime boss.

El Chapo managed to escape through a large drain before being caught at the end of the tunnel by more waiting marines.

Watch the video below:

What did you think about the raid? What are your thoughts on Sean Penn interviewing El Chapo? Should he should face charges such as obstructing justice when he knew the location of the fugitive? Share your comments below.