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Elderly Man Just Got Great News After Being Tased By Police!


Good thing he wasn’t seasoning fish and chips, the dumb cops would have arrested him for salt and batter(y).

People are eventually going to reach a point where people will resort to lethal actions as a form of pre-emptive self-defense mechanism against the governmental forces… this will cause anarchy. Those currently in power think they are invincible. Little do they know what depths people are capable of plunging to when pushed into a corner. The only thing preventing this is the economy, and this is coming down sooner or later, and we will have hell on earth.

Well, this is absolutely over the top. I am quite frankly sick and tired of hearing these types of stories. This has to stop!! First of all nobody needs to deal with a suicidal person by storming in a home in this manner. This proves no proper training in dealing with someone in a mental health crisis and then attacking an 86-year-old man!! Where is the respect for the elderly, let alone a person having a mental health crisis!


From New York Daily News:

A judge dismissed criminal charges Monday against an 86-year-old Brooklyn man, Joe Antoine, who was mistakenly Tasered by NYPD cops who were responding to a call about an emotionally disturbed man in his 20s.

A sergeant zapped him twice, in the neck and the back of his leg, with the electrical device, claiming that Antoine had refused orders to drop the knife.

But an assistant district attorney conceded that after reviewing all the records, clearly a mistake was made. An NYPD dispatcher had apparently failed to pass along information given to the 911 operator that the emotionally disturbed man threatening to commit suicide was the 23-year-old boyfriend of Antoine’s granddaughter, The Daily News previously reported.

“I feel good that my name is cleared,” Antoine said outside Brooklyn Criminal Court, adding that he plans to whip up a batch of pea soup to celebrate his legal victory.

Antoine was charged with “harassment” and transported by cops to two different hospital emergency rooms for mental exams – apparently looking for a doctor to say he was nuts – but he was given a clean bill of mental health, according to his lawyer Scott Rynecki who has filed notice to sue the city for $5 million.

Law enforcement officers have got to get their act together and FIX the problems!

H/T – RT.comNew York Daily News

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