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Election Day! Machines Switching Votes in Virginia Beach

And we’re off to a good start here on Election Day. Absolutely no concerns regarding the integrity of elections, whatsoever.

Oh wait. Maybe not so in Virginia Beach.

Rep. Scott Rigell, a Republican representing Virginia’s second congressional district, released a statement saying that his office has received numerous reports of what they call “poll machine irregularities.”


U.S. Representative Scott Rigell’s office released the following statement regarding the issue:

We have received numerous, credible reports of poll machine irregularity at voting precincts in Virginia’s Second Congressional District. This is very troubling. It is critical that every voter verifies the final summary page before pushing the “cast ballot” option.

Rigell’s Office released a video taken with a voter’s cell phone at Tallwood High School in Virginia Beach shows the voter touch the ballot box for Rigell, but the other candidate’s name is checked.

That cell phone video can be seen below …

Rigell refers to the vote switching as a “deeply troubling” matter, and 11 other precincts have also reported problems in casting votes.

Democrats would likely refer to the problem as a calibration error, a defense that has been used for similar issues with Maryland voting machines last week.

Tell us your thoughts – Can electronic voting machines be trusted considering simple calibration errors can change each person’s vote?