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Elephant Spends 11 Hours Digging … The Reason Why Will Make You Smile!


When the tourists and locals in the Chatra district in India saw a huge elephant start digging in the ground, they didn’t know what to expect.

Hours later, the pachyderm was still frantically hurling mud into the air. You can see for yourself in the video below:

It soon became apparent what the elephant was trying to find: her baby had become trapped in a well, and the mother was desperate to help her escape.

So the mamma elephant started digging — and she didn’t stop for 11 hours.

At first, the locals could not approach the distraught mother for fear that in her panicked state she would trample them. But eventually, a handful of brave souls came to the mother’s aid and reunited her with her baby.

It just goes to show … you don’t mess with mommy!

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H/T: The Lonely Ape