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MUST WATCH: Entitled Mother Shows NO CLASS After Being Called Out For Where She Parked!


It amazes me how self-centered people can be. As if their time is more valuable than anyone else’s. A perfect example is this despicable show of entitlement wherein a non-disabled woman parks in a designated no-parking zone next to a handicapped spot. These spaces are designated as such to allow a disabled person or their aid the room needed to safely unload belongings, such as wheelchairs.

When a father of a disabled child was dropping his son off at school, he noticed a woman taking up the space near the handicapped spot. He proceeded to take photos of her car as evidence for the police to issue a ticket. However, that ignited her inner nasty and she proceeded to make a fool of herself on the school grounds. Watch the idiocy unfold below:

H/T: Yahoo 7

Can you believe her behavior? This day and age, people have grown so accustomed to feeling they deserve whatever they desire. America needs a reality check to get back to the driven, worked-for-what-I-earned mentality that made this country so great in the first place!

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  1. James says:

    The Child acting like an Adult, the Adult acting like a Child. This Mother just made her Daughter proud -NOT, and look the Mom is showing the World her IQ Level. I bet the Daughter will have this Embarrassment in her mind Forever.

  2. Stu says:

    She would need to change 3 tires before she left, just sayin!

  3. Vickie says:

    Somebody ought to put her lights out.

  4. Sam says:

    All he had to do was ask her to move and not make a scene at school n yes she shouldn’t have parked where she did,though it WASN’T in a handi-capped spot. The guy’s an ASSHOLE for the way he handled it.

    1. Dan says:

      Sam-YOU are an idiot. Those spaces are designated for handicapped so they can get wheelchairs in and out of vehicles. She had NO business parking there. She should be cited no matter who she thinks she is.

    2. James says:

      @ Sam – any area in and around a designated Handi-cap parking spot that is identified with painted stripes is indeed a handi-cap parking spot . If you park in any part of it you can be ticketed up to $500. The man did nothing wrong by taking pictures , he said nothing to the woman . Her Childish outburst just validated that she knew she was breaking the Law and probably out of embarrassment she elevated her getting caught with her pants down . Thus embarrassing herself and worst of all her daughter. Internet shame is Forever, in this case best thing to happen to her than a ticket. Maybe she will think twice before parking where she has No Business.

  5. Rick says:

    somebody gut punch that fat pos hickerbilly.

  6. Jerry says:

    The women in the spot deserved a ticket, not harassment. The man should have politely asked her to move or got someone from the school to talk to her, or/and called the police. By following and filming her, he intentionally escalated a bad situation. Our society is needlessly escalating minor incidents into perceived acts of heroism…fighting for justice, etc.. all he had to do was ask, and yes he should not need to.

    1. Riain says:

      She had probably done this several times and never got in trouble. He took pictures so they might actually do something about it and she confronted him. She started in on him and that’s when he got the video up and going. Taking a picture is non-confronting action and in this day and age, you might just get shot for going up to someones car and asking them to move. He was right on for taking pictures.

    2. John says:

      Jerry for starters what the guy did wasnt harassment, the guy shouldnt have to ask the lady to move if she wasnt breaking the law in the 1st place. i would of taken a picture as well of her as well as her license plate as most of the time police wanna see pictures if you have them for further proof as well as sometimes the police even ask for the pictures incase the issue goes to court for further evidence. plain and simple the lady is only pissed off because she got cought and well dont care about anyone but herself as the lady said delt with it been there before so she clearly admits shes gotten tickets for parking in handicapped spots and clearly dont care about people who actually need the spot. with my mother being handicapped if i seen that i would of personally taken my car and blocked her from leaving then i would of taken a picture as well and called the police as its called a citizens arrest pics being evidence of the crime committed. last thing is sense there on school property only people who can stop him from taking pics is the school but clearly the school likes what the guy did as they backed him up in the video.

    3. James says:

      being she acted the way she did from being photographed , bet she would have reacted worse had he asked her to do anything.

  7. Bob says:

    Edwin . . . you give asshats a bad name . . I am permanently handicapped with bad knees and can’t walk much more than into and around a grocery store. You are talking about the the asshats that sue businesses for not being ADA compliant – trust me the majority of handicapped are not like that we just want to get along.

    How would you feel if you had a dinner reservation and some loudmouthed person pushed their way in front of you and took it . . . that’s what handicapped spaces are.

  8. Edwin says:

    Handicapped people only care about the damn parking spot.
    Other than that they get pissed if you treat them as if they are proclaiming to be.

    1. Edwin it pains me to even key in your name as I grew up with a Wonderful man – my father and that was his name as well – Your just an Azz — all we want is the parking spot — you dumb azz I wish I could let you live just one day in my place — then you smart azz you might just have a small piece of common cense

    2. Dan says:

      Edwin-You’re really not too smart are you?