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Entitled Teen Gets New Job- SLAMS Her Employer… THEN, THE BOSS REACTS!


If you didn’t know employers check your social media accounts, let this be a lesson: THEY DO!

Misguided youth, Cella, who clearly embodies Obama-style entitlement, was poised to start a job at a Jet’s Pizza in Mansfield, Texas. Unlike most people who should be excited to no longer be unemployed, this young woman went on Twiter to describe the gig as a “f*** a$$ job”… before she even started! Incredible.


Her new employer saw the Tweet, and immediately reacted. (It was the boss’ first tweet since 2009):




This story is going viral as it’s such a clear example of how entitled many young people are today. And in today’s Obama economy, there will now be a generation worse off than their parents.

But everyone starts at a job they don’t like- That’s how you get experience. Cella should have had enough sense to not post something so outrageous on Twitter. Now, she is an internet star for all the WRONG reasons.

H/T: Young Cons