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(VIDEO) EPIC Rant Against Rioters in Ferguson, MO

Jonathan Gentry puts it out there in response to the rioters after the shooting death of Michael Brown by the police in Ferguson, MO.

See his straightforward and impassioned rebuke of those looting, rioting, and setting businesses on fire above.

He says:

“I just want to get straight to the point about this Michael Brown incident,” he begins his statement. “What we’re doing out here [rioting, looting] is not helping.”


“You activists out there, you civil rights leaders…all of a sudden Black Panthers, NAACP come out of the woodworks. They just came out of nowhere, [mocking] ‘Oh, we’re gonna want justice, we want justice–no justice no peace.’ That’s all you see, ‘no justice no peace. Shut up!”


Gentry said it’s “time for civil rights leaders to hear from God and get a revelation.”

“Jesus said that blind can’t lead the blind, because they’re both going to fall in the ditch,” Gentry said, paraphrasing the famous words of Jesus from the book of Matthew in the Holy Bible.

Thank you, Mr. Gentry.


Comments on “(VIDEO) EPIC Rant Against Rioters in Ferguson, MO”

  1. William says:

    BRAVO !! BRAVO !!, Finally A Man Of Color Telling It Like It Is !!, This Man Is Tired Of The “VICTIM” Card Being Played With His Brothers And Sisters Every Time An Incident Has Come About. I CAN Say That The Black Community Has Not Always Gotten A Fare Shake In Some Instances But It Is Hard To Deny The Facts When You See This Type Of Action When An Altercation With The Police Has Occurred. I Had Recently Heard That The Police Were Holding Back The Officers Name Involved In The Incident For Obvious Reasons. What If The Officer In Question Was A Black Officer ?, I Really Do Not Know All The Information About The Incident Weather Or Not It Was A White Or Black Officer But I Am Assuming The Officer In Question Was White Judging By The Response, But You Would Think That A Man An 18yr. Old Man , Because He Put Himself In A Mans Position , Would Know Better Than To Go Up Against An Officer Of The Law !, I Am A White Male And Old Enough To Know That NO MATTER HOW YOU WERE TREATED , YOU WILL HAVE YOUR DAY IN COURT !. I Have Had My Fare Share Of Conflicts With The Law But I Also Knew That No Matter How Difficult The Dealings Were , I WOULD HAVE MY DAY IN COURT !. I Have Spent MANY Hours In Police Cars In Ride Alongs And I Know That EVERYTHING They Do There IS A Reason For It, They Greet You Very Firmly To Set The Tone Of The Engagement If You Respond With The Same They Know Where This Is Going To Go And They Are NOW On Their Guard !, If You Greet Them Politely, You Will Be Treated With The Same , PERIOD .I Have Acted A Fool Many Times And Had My Butt Reamed And Left With A Hand Full Of Tickets And Always I Was Polite , As A Result I Have Never Had A Beat Down., Chris Rock Does A Comedy Routine About What NOT To Do , And I One Line He Says ” IF THE POLICE HAVE TO COME GET YOU… THEY ARE BRINGING AN ASS WHOOPIN WITH EM!!” No Truer Words Have Been Spoken, Oh ! And By The Way It Is The Same For Whites As Well, If They Have To Chase You Down Expect To Get Yur Ass Kicked Around A Bit. Two Wrongs Do Not Make A Right, From What I Understand About This Incident I Think Both Sides Are In Part To Blame, But Fighting With A Police Officer Has NEVER Worked Out Well For Anyone And Going For An Officers Gun Now Changes The Game Drastically !, Being A Man Of Color He Should Have Known Better Than To Escalate This Encounter With An Officer Of The Law. In The Days To Come I Am Sure More Details About This Incident Will Come To Light And Maybe Things Will Calm Down A Bit. This Fella Hit The Nail Straight On The Head. I Am Truly For The Loss Of A Life At Any Level.