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EPIC! Young Anchor NAILS Obama on Pathetic Chattanooga Response and It Has Gone Viral!

The recent mass shooting at a black church by white supremacist Dylan Roof sent the media into a firestorm over race relations in America. While it’s foolish to determine the state of race relations by the actions of a lone individual, he had a motive, and a clear one at that.

But clear motives tend to become muddied to the media when it comes to Islam. When it came to the recent Chattanooga shooting, CNN “reminded” us that while the shooter was named “Muhammad Youssef Abdulazeez,” it might not be a Muslim name (what did they think it was, Catholic?). Andrea Mitchell pondered that maybe the shooter was interested in hunting and gun culture (though there may have been a slightly more obvious interest of his she could’ve inquired about). It seems that the shooter could’ve literally screamed “Allah Akbar” during the shooting and CNN would claim he may have been speaking French.

At least one person in the media bothered to speak the truth on the issue; Tomi Lahren, an anchor at the One America News Network. In just under a week, her message to Obama has racked up nearly four million hits on Youtube – proving that ordinary Americans are sick of the media’s spin. Watch below:

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