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Eric Trump RIPS Media Over Father’s Coverage – He Went There!

Eric Trump

From The Hill:

Eric Trump in an interview Sunday attacked a Washington Post article that found that his father, the presumptive Republican nominee, donated only $10,000 to charities over seven years, millions less than he has publicly promised.

Trump dismissed the article as a “hack job” while calling the media the “worst part of society.”

“It was such a disgusting article, and that’s The Washington Post, and that’s their M.O., unfortunately. Every article is just a pure kill job,” Trump said in an interview with John Catsimatidis on “The Cats Roundtable” on AM 970 in New York.

The Post reported that Donald Trump hasn’t personally given to his foundation since 2008. And of the 188 charities the Post contacted that had some connection to the billionaire, 11 received a personal donation while 44 declined to comment. Another 48 didn’t respond to the Post’s inquiries. An additional 85 had no record of receiving a personal donation from Donald Trump.

But Eric Trump claimed the opposite.

“Charity is such a big part of our company and our lives. My father has contributed so much to what I’ve done. He contributes so much to every charity,” he said.

“The worst part of society is that you can’t have an objective and unbiased media… You know, it’s a hack job, and it’s done for various reasons. It’s very, very sad.”

Trump is right in this interview. Why can’t the media just be fair and impartial like they are supposed to? ¬†CNN has become so bad¬†because they never thought Trump would be the nominee. They are such a disgrace!

I would prefer that all the organized media not be allowed to cover either campaign, not allowed to use advertising, make the candidate work through the social networks, and campaign stops. The media should not be allowed to cover or influence voters; the whole system is corrupt.

There was a time when you could depend on honest and fair reporting, now like everything, it’s all bought and paid for. Lies, cover-ups, and deceit are the only things media covers and it all goes to the highest bidders, whatever happened to truth and justice in reporting?

Have you noticed the media biased against Trump and his family? Does it play into your decision to back him for the general election? Share your opinions below.

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