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Escaped Animal Terrorizes New Hampshire Polling Location!

All eyes are on New Hampshire for the “First in the Nation” primary and tensions are high.

And in the town of Pelham, they just got a lot higher!

An escaped pig decided it wanted to be part of the voting process and attacked a polling location!

Watch the harrowing video as Pelham’s finest try to contain the escaped beast!

Huge pig at Pelham voting location from ddcomeau on Vimeo.

Where was the Japanese zoo crew when you need them?

Luckily it appears no one was hurt.

But was this a tactic designed to suppress voter turnout? Was it another trick by the Cruz campaign?

We don’t know.¬†One thing I do know is that piggie needs a bath!

…does anyone else suddenly want bacon?

Now Watch some more pig videos here:

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