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European Nation Liberals LOVE Is Expelling Muslim Migrants


Sweden, famous for Ikea and being a liberal paradise is doing something smart that American liberals are going to hate. They are going to expel THOUSANDS of Muslim migrants.

Violence concerns are a chief cause.


Sweden intends to expel up to 80,000 asylum-seekers whose applications have been rejected, the country’s interior minister has announced.

Anders Ygeman said that charter aircraft would be used to deport the migrants over several years.

Some 163,000 migrants and refugees applied for asylum in Sweden in 2015, the highest per capita number in Europe.

Of the approximately 58,800 cases processed last year, 55% were accepted.

Sweden earlier this week became the latest of a number of European nations to see tensions over migrants heightened by violence.

A 15-year-old asylum seeker was arrested in Molndal, near Gothenburg after a 22-year-old asylum centre employee was stabbed to death.

Sweden is the 2nd Scandinavian country to begin to stop the flow of migrants.

This week Denmark passed legislation designed to ensure migrants pay for their stay and entry into the country.

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Will other countries follow suit?