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Europe’s Latest Steps to Harm Jews… They’re At It Again!


Europe doesn’t exactly have the best track record when it comes to Jews, and I’m not just talking about the Holocaust. Long before the murder of over 6 million Jews during World War II and since, Europe has aimed to do harm to the Jewish people and Israel whenever possible.

The European Union and its officials have taken a new step to harm Jews this week, and it’s reminding many of measures taken during the Holocaust – when Jews were forced to walk around wearing an emblem indicating their Jewish faith and heritage. Europe has, in order to appease those who seek to boycott the Jewish State through the so-called “BDS” movement, order labeling to indicate when products are made in Israel.

But now, Europe has decided to drop the label for products made in Israeli-held areas of East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, and the West Bank. Europe is essentially saying that “Palestinian” products are fine, and Israeli products are bad and need a warning label attached to them.

Predictably, Israel is not at all happy with this latest development. USA Today reports,

Israel’s Foreign Ministry swiftly condemned the decision, calling it an “exceptional and discriminatory step, inspired by the boycott movement, particularly at this time, when Israel is confronting a wave of terrorism targeting any and all of its citizens.”
“It is puzzling and even irritating that the EU chooses to apply a double standard concerning Israel, while ignoring that there are over 200 other territorial disputes worldwide, including those occurring within the EU or on its doorstep. The claim that this is a technical matter is cynical and baseless,” the ministry said.

No news yet on the Obama administration’s take on this latest step. Don’t hold your breath waiting for one.