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Even Anti-Gun Nut Piers Morgan is Saying This about American Sniper

piers morgan

Even a staunchly anti-gun, anti-war fanatic like Piers Morgan is racing to defend the memory of American Sniper Chris Kyle.

Morgan referred to Kyle without reservation as a “hero” in his recently penned column for the Daily Mail.

He responded directly to Michael Moore’s assertions otherwise, saying that he “couldn’t disagree more” with his labeling of Kyle as a “coward.”

Morgan exclaimed simply, “Chris Kyle, American Sniper, was NOT a coward.”

Via the Daily Mail:

Chris Kyle, American Sniper, was NOT a coward.

He repeatedly risked his life serving his country in some of the most dangerous terrain on earth. And by doing his job so well, better than anyone in his country’s history, he saved many American lives.

We should reserve our ire for the politicians who ordered him into the war in the first place.

THEY, if you opposed the Iraq War, are the real villains.

HE is a hero. A flawed hero, perhaps, but still a hero.

Piers Morgan himself has many flaws, a journalist who despises Second Amendment rights and questions the legality of the Iraq War, despite evidence to the contrary.

But in this case, he’s correct. Chris Kyle is, and should be celebrated as, an American hero.

Do you agree?