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Cartoon Explains PERFECTLY Why Hillary Lost

From day one, the mainstream media behaved as if a Hillary Clinton Presidency wasn’t just a possibility, it was an inevitability.

And most people believed the hype. Polls commonly showed that despite who people planned on voting for, roughly three-quarters of those voting believed that Hillary would be the next President regardless. Trump’s victory was the ultimate middle finger to the media, and they’re still scrambling to explain it away.

The graphic below explains just how much of a “mystery” it really is.


Of course, that’s just the half of it!

When it comes to the FBI investigation into Hillary’s private email server, polls showed that a larger percentage of Americans believed she should be in jail rather than President! How’d they miss that one?

The media really is full of the most out-of-touch people out there. How much do you want to bet they’ll write off their historic loss, attributing it to “racism, sexism, Islamophobia,” or whatever other sins they’ve managed to turn into buzzwords?

Let us know your thoughts in the comments – but I’m pretty sure that’s guaranteed!