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EX-CIA Official SHREDS Obama for His Hypocritical “Kill From a Distance” Attitude

On their way out the door, Democrats in the Senate released their own biased report on interrogation techniques for political reasons. And now, people in the intelligence community are speaking out against the slander.

On his Fox News show, host Sean Hannity spoke with a FURIOUS Jose Rodriguez, a former CIA official, who said, “It’s a very dark day for the CIA.”

Rodriguez was once the Director of the National Clandestine Service, and slammed Barack Obama and Congressional Democrats: “I think the CIA’s being thrown under the bus.”

Rodriguez makes the serious point that Obama is okay with killing terrorists (and even American citizens!) “from a distance” using drone planes, but is now opposed to “enhanced interrogation techniques”… even though such techniques end with the detainees still alive.

President Obama and the Democrat party are willing to put CIA agents in danger and hurt America’s standing in the world by talking about interrogation. It’s nice to see someone on the inside is pushing back.

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