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Exclusive: The Secret To Trump’s Nevada Victory Revealed!


We now know why Trump won by such a large margin in Nevada last night: anger! Unlike the earlier primary/caucus states, nearly 60% of Nevada caucus goers were angry at the current government and Washington establishment Republicans.

From The Washington Post:

Donald Trump won New Hampshire, a moderate Northeastern state that prides itself on its sober analysis of the candidates at hand. Donald Trump won South Carolina, a conservative Southern state with a number of religious voters. Donald Trump has now won Nevada, a Western state with its own eclectic mix of Republican voting groups.

Trump won them all. According to preliminary entrance poll data reported by CNN, he won every age group and every education group and both genders — and even every racial and ethnic group. About 1 in 10 Nevada Republicans were Hispanic. More than 4 in 10 of them backed Donald Trump (according to entrance polls with a notably large margin of error).

What’s the theme here? What’s the thing that’s turned Donald Trump from the never-gonna-happen outsider of last June into the how-can-he-be-stopped candidate of February?

Nevada offers one hint: Anger.

Nevada Republicans are mad at the government. This probably isn’t too much of a surprise, given that it’s also the home of the family of Cliven Bundy, but it’s still remarkable how much angrier it is than previous states. Voters were mad.

And voters didn’t want a politician to address that anger. Six in 10 Nevada Republicans said that they were looking for the next president to be someone from “outside politics.” That’s 6 in 10 of a “huge” turnout, by the way. And 70 percent of them voted for Donald Trump.

Americans are certainly angry and Trump channels that anger perfectly which explains his dominance in the Republican primaries!

Are you angry at the current Washington establishment? Does Trump represent this anger? Share your thoughts below!

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