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Experts Say This Photo Proves Alien Life on Mars… Can You See Why?

Are we alone in the universe? It’s a question we’ve all pondered. And now, the Mars Curiosity Rover has taken a photo which might suggest there’s some alien life out there…waiting.

The Curiosity Rover is one of several attempts in recent years to reach Mars and explore its atmosphere and surface. These attempts have provided scientists with a treasure trove of data, but this photo might be the most interesting yet:


Yes, these are martian caves. But take a closer look, and this is what you discover:


Is that some weird but natural rock formation? Or it is some kind of crazy space alien, waiting to suck the life out of anyone foolish enough to come near?

Let us know what you think about this photo below.

H/T: London Metro



  1. Barry says:

    there are lots of reasons for believing that there is life outside this planet.

    One can start with the buildings of ancient time that defy the tools of the time, and in a recent program one asked how the egyptians were able to inscribe in their structures with such precision, when they didn’t ahve the tools to do so.

    Or the amazing symmetry that when photos taken were completely the same as mirror images. Doesn’t happen and it is beyond the scope of man to make precision mirror images.

  2. SniperzRule1 says:

    I’m convinced beyond a ‘shadow of doubt’ that this is Nancy Pelosi.