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Exposed: Liberal Teacher Makes Insane Accusation Against Economics Majors

young child being mean

Heaven knows why American parents are still forking out thousands of dollars each year to send their offspring to the liberal indoctrination camps that are our colleges and universities, but until the great higher education bubble bursts, I guess we’ll just have to put up with junk like this.

Meet┬áLisa Wade, PhD. She’s a doctor in sociology, who, in a recent article, explained that people who study economics are “anti-social.” Her proof is that economics majors at a single university were, in an experiment conducted five-freakin’ years ago, less likely than their peers to donate money to left-wing interest groups.

This, in the weird and wonderful realm that is the liberal campus, makes economics majors bad people.

On second thought, perhaps it’s for the best that the next generation of American leaders refrain from studying economics. After all, when they figure out how much debt they are going to have to deal with when they grow up, they might flee the country.

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