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EXPOSED: Look Who OBAMA Made Pay for a Wall

Donald Trump promised us a wall – and that Mexico would pay for it. Every time they dared publicly deny that they’d be doing any such thing, Trump comically declared that the wall “just got ten feet taller.”

So why should Mexico pay for a wall in the first place? Because illegal immigration costs our economy $113 billion a year, even after you account for the minor amount of taxes illegals do pay (such as sales tax). Mexico reaps the benefits from sending their citizens to work here (and send money back) while we bear the costs. Meanwhile, Mexico strongly enforces their own border laws, while labeling our desire to do the same “racist.”

The cost of the border wall will be between $10 billion and $25 billion – and any amount in that range is pennies on the dollar in comparison to how much they’ve benefited from sending their illegals into the U.S. And by the way, Trump isn’t the only President who wants to send other nation’s the bill for a border.

The Obama administration made Canada pay for the entirety of a $2 billion border bridge — including the U.S. customs plaza.

President Donald Trump is currently pushing to build a U.S.-Mexico border wall; the wall was a major cornerstone of his presidential campaign. He signed an executive order Wednesday starting the wall’s construction. “A nation without borders is not a nation,” Trump said. “Beginning today, the U.S. gets back control of its borders.”

Canada agreed to pay for the new Detroit-Windsor bridge, U.S. customs building and the access roads around the bridge in 2015, according to The Globe and Mail. Ottawa failed to get the U.S. to pay for the $250 million customs building, and the Canadian government had already agreed to pay for 95 percent of the bridge’s costs. The bridge is scheduled to be finished in 2020.

In 2012, former Prime Minister Stephen Harper insisted the customs building was “the responsibility of the U.S. government.” Washington, D.C., only said the U.S. would operate and staff the building — not pay for it — and Canada caved.

We don’t even have an illegal immigration problem with Canada and they forked over the cash.
What’s Mexico’s problem? It’s that they’d love for illegal immigration to continue so they can continue benefiting from it.