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Exposed: Is This Obama’s Next Step After The White House?


Obama has been travelling the world, while his policies have caused it to be lit on fire.

Over at Free Beacon, one writer speculates that this is all by design. He is tired of being President and instead is looking for another office, but this one has GLOBAL power and responsibility:

Rarely has Obama’s attitude toward terrorism been brought into such stark relief. Why does he respond so perfunctorily, so coolly, so stoically to the mayhem? Not because he lacks sympathy. Because he believes his job is to restrain America from overreaction, from hubris, from our worst instincts of imperialism and oppression.

Yes, the thinking goes, ISIS and al Qaeda are threats to be fought, contained, defeated. But the greater threat, in Obama’s view, is that Americans may become scared, afraid, disrupted, divided. We might invade Iraq again, or cut off immigration and trade, or discriminate against the Muslim minority. That is the real danger against which this president stands. Terrorism will burn itself out. The problem of American maximalism remains.

This is not the sort of thing you expect to hear from an American president. It’s what you expect from a secretary general of the United Nations, from the president of the European Commission, from the foreign ministry of France circa 2002. It’s the worldview of the international NGO, of the multilateral bureaucrat: Terrorism? We can manage. But the U.S. hyper-power? We’ve got to put a lid on this problem, stat.

Is that it? Is Obama posturing to become the Secretary General of the United Nations? There has been speculation that he’s been secretly campaigning for the job and to that I say…GOODBYE. It is clear he cares more for the globe than he does his own country. If he wants to be part of the Anti-Israel, Anti-American action over the at the UN then HAVE IT, Barry!

Now Watch This:

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  1. Dana says:

    Who writes this stuff? Of course America is divide, Obama did it and he knows he did it.

  2. Carline says:

    Prison resident?

  3. Robert says:

    Then he can even more openly show his contempt for The USA, it’s Constitution and Laws. I hope he moves to another country.

  4. Barbara says:

    He would be a disaster. Could you imagine the trouble he could stir up. Look what he has done to America.!!!!!