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Exposed: Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee’s Ties To DC’s Corrupt, Crack-Smoking Mayor

Judge Garland.

Judge Garland.

People are already championing President Obama’s Supreme Court pick, Merrick Garland, as a “moderate” with a long history of respecting law.

But a less well-known aspect of his career was his involvement with corrupt, crack-smoking Washington,DC “Mayor of Life” Marion Berry

As an assistant U.S. attorney, he joined the team prosecuting a Reagan White House aide charged with illegal lobbying and did early work on the drug case against then-D.C. Mayor Marion Barry

Barry, caught smoking crack with a prostitute, was placed in jail and then re-elected to office in DC as soon as he got out. Many believed he was “set-up” but the government.

No one has claimed Garland had a hand in setting him up, though did he perhaps help the prosecution go “easy” on Barry? Afterall, he did only serve 6 months and was allowed back in office soon after.

Hopefully this time will be brought up under questioning. That is, if the Republicans let it happen.

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