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EXPOSED: Viral Hollywood Interview Showcases Media Ignorance

As any conservative, and as most Americans know, the people who deliver the news don’t often have a grasp on what they’re talking about. The whole phenomenon could be called “Voxsplaining,” a phrase named for writers on the site who explain little known “facts” like the existence of a bridge between the West Bank and Gaza (I put “facts” in quotation marks because it’s not so much a fact as a total fabrication). As a result of bias and downright ignorance, the American public possesses a growing distrust¬†of its media.

A humorous example of just how little our newsmen know played out on local Denver television over the weekend in an interview between an anchor and comedians Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig. The anchor, Chris Parente, was interviewing the two former SNL stars about their new movie, ‘Skeleton Twins’ when it became apparent several minutes into the live appearance that Parente had never actually seen the movie, nor was he adequately briefed on its contents. This is the case with most interviews with the stars of newly released movies – those interviewing haven’t always had the time or opportunity to watch before meetings its stars. The difference between this painfully awkward interview and most others is that Parente was unable to ‘fake it’ as well as his counterparts, and the comedians called him out on it.

Watch the video and cringe along with us, at both the awkwardness and the thought that these are the same people choosing what to report on airstrikes in Syria and the many scandals to befall the IRS.