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EXTORTION! Clock Boy’s Next Move Is Absurd

Clock Boy

Do you remember Ahmed Mohamed, the Texas kid who was briefly detained by cops when his teachers mistook the clock he had brought into school for a bomb?

Some folks thought he was an innocent victim, others thought the authorities were right to be vigilant … and others think Ahmed is owed $15 MILLION dollars.

Yep, that’s the figure that Clock Boy’s lawyers are demanding the school district cough up. Apparently, Ahmed’s civil rights were violated, and the only way America can set things right is if they make him and his family millionaires overnight.

Oh, and if you disagree you are a racist Islamophobe!

Is it any wonder lawyers are so universally hated across America? There is no dispute too trivial for them to get involved in if it promises a sack full of lucre.

No word yet on if the authorities in Texas will accept this extortion, or if they will stand up for common sense.

What do you think of Clock Boy’s extortion attempt? Let us know below.

If you are interested in learning more, please go over to Daily Caller.


Comments on “EXTORTION! Clock Boy’s Next Move Is Absurd”

  1. Mimosa says:

    Typical leech terrorist activety