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This Fact About Sanders Supporters Is GREAT NEWS For Trump!

Here’s the thing about Bernie Sanders supporters: they may be crazy, but we have something in common with them. Neither of us are fans of Hillary.

It was already reported that 20% of Democrats would defect to Trump in a general election – and that number is higher among Sanders supporters, a third of which say they would never vote for Hillary.

Rumors of a mass defection of Bernie Sanders supporters that might turn into an #anyonebutHillary moment in November have been circulating in recent weeks but were intensified in recent days due to recent polls.

One of which, a still-active AOL poll, has close to 50% of participants indicating they would consider voting for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton should Bernie Sanders not receive the Democratic Party nomination.

If the AOL poll comes anywhere close to an actual voter outcome, it would be a monumental shift of millions that would result in a Trump electorate tsunami as the 2016 Race for the White House concludes this November.

It is a fracture within the Democrat base the media has willfully neglected to cover for several months. Beyond the free college crowd which makes up a considerable portion of Sanders supporters, are groups representing various socio-economic backgrounds who align under issues related to gun rights and the growing dissatisfaction of Establishment politics.

Hopefully they actually follow through with it! How great would it be to have the media glorify Bernie Sanders’ success in garnering the youth vote, only to have them turn up for Trump.

H/T: HG News

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