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This Family Just Received The Best News They Could Ever Have Going Into 2016! This Was A Huge Miracle!

The Ellis family received the best news they could ever expect and it’s easy to say this is what dreams are made of — a place to call home for for a year, rent paid by an anonymous donor.

Latoya Ellis, a single mother who lives with her three kids in Chicago, fell on hard times after she was laid off and eventually evicted from her apartment in August. Ellis’ story was covered by local TV station ABC7 in November, and after learning about the single mother and her family, many viewers felt compelled to help.

Among those who reached out to the family, one thoughtful donor, who wishes to remain anonymous, gave them a life-changing gift — an entire year of rent paid in full.

Check out the video report:

HT – Huffington Post, ABC7Chicago

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