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Famous Actor from ‘American Sniper’ Has Inspiring Message for the Troops (VIDEO)


Bradley Cooper is a famous actor who loves America and our military. He was proud to star in the movie about Navy SEAL Chris Kyle, which was directed by Clint Eastwood and broke major box office records over the weekend.

After the premiere in Washington, D.C., the All Hands team met with Cooper at the Navy Memorial. Cooper went on to thank the Navy for their tremendous sacrifice (below):

Hopefully it could serve 2 purposes.

One would be that those men and women who served can relate to it and maybe not feel so alone by their plight and the other would be the 99% of American that have no idea what’s like or know anybody in the military would say: ‘Wow maybe the person that past me in the airport I’m gonna stop not to say thank for you service which does mean a lot, but take it a step further because our vets are coming home in a great number ever before.


Thank you for your service and again you know what you do is something that I don’t think many people even can fathom and we owe our freedom and our liberty to you, so thank you.

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