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What Famous Actor Matthew McConaughey Just Did to Support Gun Rights is Driving LIBERALS CRAZY! (VIDEO)

Matthew McConaughey is a Christian who supports traditional marriage and rejects the crazy political correctness lobby trying to force the Washington Redskins to change their name.

But now, Matthew is doing something that is already infuriating the anti-gun Hollywood left. You will love this:

Matthew McConaughey has a side business … letting people onto his property to hunt caged-in animals, and it has enraged animal rights activists.

Matt owns a ranch in Mertzon, Texas with his brother Mike. The ranch breeds and sells horses and cows. The ranch also offers whitetail deer hunting … where people can come to hunt deer that can’t run away.

Hunters can actually stay on the property during the hunting trip … there is food, a tavern, and other amenities.

As for the hunt … people can go out during the day and shoot the deer. Someone connected with the ranch tells TMZ there are 22,000 acres for the animals to roam, but animal rights groups claim the deer hang by the feeding area, which makes them easy targets.

via TMZ

Here is a screen shot from his Mertzon, Texas ranch, which shows Matthew as the proud co-owner:


Meat comes from animals, and I don’t care how they are killed… as long as they are tasty! Plus, Matthew is helping people learn important hunting skills, and getting families to spend time outdoors.

Do you support Matthew McConaughey’s hunting business? Please leave a comment and let us know what you think!



  1. Vickie says:

    I think allowing the hunting of fed and tamed deer is horrendous. If there is a feeding area where deer gravitate, that is unconscionable.

  2. phllphndrck says:

    I support this endeavor. I hunted on a friends ranch in Mertzon while stationed at the Air Force Base in San Angelo. Deer hunting is deer hunting no matter where you hunt. It is not easy, takes patience and skill. I don’t criticize those who choose to get their food from stores where they don’t know where it came from or how it was raised…I would appreciate the same consideration. At least I know what I am eating.