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Famous Actor Tim Allen DEMOLISHES Barack Obama’s Socialist Policies (VIDEO)

Tim Allen – better known as the “Tool Man” – and starring in “Last Man Standing” appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s show to promote the series finale. He often tells jokes in his routine about how socialist California is.

He talked about the message of the episode, and compared it to the shameful actions of President Barack Obama:

It’s called integrity. Something Obama doesn’t have with that Benghazi thing.

Thankfully, Allen has accomplished so much in his career that he isn’t worried about being blacklisted by the elite Hollywood liberals. Clearly, Tim Allen is no fan of Obama’s and can’t wait until there is a real leader in the White House.


Comments on “Famous Actor Tim Allen DEMOLISHES Barack Obama’s Socialist Policies (VIDEO)”

  1. Patricia says:

    Yep – CA is a socialist state. I knew a woman on welfare who owned a brand-new Chevy Silverado she bought while on welfare. She lived in a five bedroom house in Los Gatos (where the rich live) and actually had a job all day, plus sold candles, Avon and lingerie in the evenings and weekends. When I tried to turn her in – the welfare department told me to mind my own business! This is my business – I’m paying for it! They just didn’t care.