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Famous Reporter Has HILARIOUS RESPONSE To Airline’s Fat Passenger Policy!

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Former “Good Morning America” and current weatherman for the Weather Channel Sam Champion is being hailed a hero after calling out bad practices by American Airlines which started removing paid passengers because of the weight of the plane. Champion noticed a few minutes later new passengers get on the plane, virtually replacing the earlier ones.

Champion called the act “shameful” and it must have been the perfect storm because Champion then took to Twitter and blasted the airline.

From Daily Mail:

A weatherman was the champion of passengers being swapped off an American Airlines flight on Tuesday after he launched into an epic Twitter rant.

Sam Champion, 54, a former Good Morning America and Weather Channel weatherman was heading home from Pensacola, Florida, when the airline began removing passengers.

Champion called the airline’s behavior ‘shameful’ as they started swapping passengers due to the flight being ‘too heavy’.

‘Sooo @AmericanAir just “swapped” passengers on a flight they said was too heavy.. And wanted to swap me next… #huh,’ his first tweet said.

The airline wrote back asking Champion if he would direct message the airline, but Champion wasn’t having it.

‘That wont work! I’ve seen how ur treating people,’ he wrote.

‘Not looking for special treatment… So lets talk.. What i’ve witnessed is #shameful.’

Many people tweeted at Champion thanking him for speaking up as the airline might not respond to a regular person tweeting about the incident.






American Airlines saw Champion going after them publicly and quickly responded, apologizing and asking to discuss the matter via direct messaging.

Champion refused! He didn’t want to go into the shadows to hash out the turbulence privately, explaining he was “not looking for special treatment.” He wanted a public response, and he also wanted the situation handled, and I applaud his attempt.

Imagine if you had paid for a ticket because you wanted to get home in time to be with your family and the airline removed you and a few more people because the airplane was too heavy. Then they replaced you with other people. Wouldn’t you be livid at the practices of that airline?

It was a great thing Champion blasted them publicly. Most people never hear of this because some are afraid to come forward to speak out, and others just feel like they don’t want to cause problems. When you don’t raise your voice, people will always take advantage of you, your family members, your rights because they know there will be no backlash.

I know airlines have weight policies (i.e.,., Southwest Airlines), but there has to be a better way than this. Hopefully, the passenger got to their destination on time, or I would be suing the airline, but that’s me.

What do you think of Champion going after the airline over their ignorant practices? Would you have stepped up to say anything? Share your comments below and don’t forget to add this story to your Facebook and Twitter timeline.