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Famous Star of “Friends” Is Asked About the GOP “War on Women” – Her Answer Is Amazing! (WATCH)


Left-wing host Bill Maher likes to surround himself with Hollywood actors and actresses, as he knows they will probably agree with him. So when he tossed what he assumed was a softball question about the “Republican’s war on women” to famous “Friends” actress Lisa Kudrow, he couldn’t have been happy with her response!

“Lisa, we’ll give you the last question. On the TV show “Scandal” you played a Congresswoman and made a powerful speech on sexism.” After making a joke, Maher continued reading. “Do you feel the Republican War on Women is still an important issue to voters?”

You will love this (her answer at 3:12)…

H/T: Newsbusters

Great job Phoebe Buffay! You handled the question perfectly.